Inov8 Bare-X Lite 150: Running, Triathlon & Crossfit Minimalism in One Awesome Package

Lets design a shoe that would be perfect for highly efficient triathletes, runners looking to perfect their form and crossfitters who don’t want to waste an ounce.  Normally this would be an endeavor that would provide nearly impossible circumstances for a designer.  But they must be drinking something special at Inov8 because the Bare-X Lite 150 is a bold step in the right direction…a very light step.

"Well hello there, it looks like you have lost some weight."

This shoe features a completely level sole with about 3mm of thickness.  One of our favorite features in this 5.3 ounce package is the triathlon ready quick lacing system and slip on loops.  There may be others, but this could be the first completely zero drop triathlon shoe.

"I am not just saying this, but you look like you could float right off of the table."

And if you didn’t have enough incentive to work on getting your feet off of the ground more efficiently, the sole has bones on it.  If it wasn’t enough to blow by some body at the end of the race with your nearly perfect running form, this may be all the incentive you need.

"Make no bones about it, your running form is really coming along."

This shoe will debut in early fall (Aug/Sept) of 2011 with a red and white color scheme.  The spring will feature an orange, blue, lime green (this one looks cool, seriously) and pink.  More great shoes in the Inov8 family.  Be sure to drop us a line at to get the latest info on pre-orders and top secret release dates for the NRS Tribe!

About  We put a premium on running form and technique.  We carry shoes that promote what the body is designed to do.  We are trouble makers in the running industry.  We might have a Twitter problem.

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