Inov8 Bare-XF 210: A Zero Drop Crossfit Shoe

Zero drop crossfit awesomeness

Consider this a peek under the Inov8 komono.  We got a preview of what we believe will rise to the top of the crossfit shoe pyramid.  It is a sharp looking shoe with some great features that crossfitters will love.  This shoe will be available in early spring 2012.

This is a shoe that promotes what the body does very well.  Inov8 took the strategy of promoting the body’s natural abilities.  The XF-210 features a 3mm, completely zero drop sole.  This provides excellent communication with the ground and creates and environment your body is designed to handle.

The Inov8 Bare-XF 210 Crossfit Shoe. Well this was the second name. The first one "WOD Dominator" got shut down by the marketing department.

One of the other very cool features is a reinforced upper.  If the rope climb or double unders has trashed your other shoes, then you are going to love this thing.

This will be another high demand shoe from Inov8.  To stay update on the latest Inov8 news and pre-order opportunities, drop us a line at  Sweet dreams.

About  We put a premium on running form and technique.  We carry shoes that promote what the body is designed to do.  We are trouble makers in the running industry.  We might have a Twitter problem.

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