Altra Intuition For Crossfit

This guest post come from Robin Bennet of Cross Fit Kings Point in Orlando, FL. Self described “newly obsessed” crossfitter, she has been rocking the Altra Intuition and was kind enough to provide her feedback.

Every CrossFitter knows a good pair of shoes can make a difference in your wod.  Great shoes will help stick your box jumps, keep you planted during lifting, and help push through your sprints.  Besides the usual crossfitting shoe everyone seems to have, we don’t have many options for our extreme sport of choice.  This is where Altras come in.

Altras are a new shoe that allows for another choice of wod footwear.  Altras are a true zero drop shoe, yes ZERO drop, and are fit for a CrossFitter’s feet.  Trying to hit a new weightlifting PR?  Altras are constructed to keep our feet truly naturally planted.  Along with a true zero drop, they allow room for your toes to spread out, which gives better balance during heavy lifts.  Better balance also translates to squats, box jumps, and those beloved burpees!  The light weight of the shoe allows for quick and easy response time, which will make a difference in those AMRAP wods.

Change is hard, but crossfit is even harder.  We crossfit because of its ability to push us and make us stronger and now Altras are here to help take you there.

Find out more about Altra and other great crossfit shoes at

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