Inov8 F-Lite 230 Review From An Ultra Mom

Team NRS athlete Kristen Dymmel at the Trail Quake Half Marathon. Nice result and wicked nice shirt!

The following review is by Team NRS athlete Kristen Dymmel.  She is fast, fun and a pretty damn good woman.  We are psyched to call her one of our own.

As a CrossFitter and runner, I initially purchased the Inov8 F-Lite 230s hopping I would be able to fit them into either of these domains.  I was hesitant to insert them into my running after having spent the past twenty years in very supportive shoes, so I decided to test them out at the CrossFit box.

After only one WOD I was sold.  My foot felt secure, the traction was incredible and I felt more strength on my lifts from the close ground-contact.  The best part was being able to do the running portions of the WODs with no leg issues or injuries.
After several weeks of using them for this purpose, and well, wearing them every day because they looked so incredibly cool, I decided it was time to make the transition in my running.  I started after a race during my recovery period when I was doing minimal miles.  Amazingly, after several of these short (2-3 mile) runs, I was not experiencing any pains at all in my legs.

Having read all the warnings of transitioning to minimal shoes, I had been quite nervous.  Quite the opposite, the runs felt easy and I felt more in touch with the land as I focused on my form.  These shoes actually help you achieve better form, evidenced by a recent race photo in which I was no longer heel striking at all.
I really don’t know if I have ever owned a shoe that I could use for my 6 mile run, workout at the gym and out for dinner.  They look great and perform exceptionally.

About Kristen:  You can try to catch her on the trails of northern California.  You’ll probably have better luck following her on Twitter and on her fantastic blog iUltraMom.

About  We put a premium on running form and technique.  We carry shoes that promote what the body is designed to do.  We are trouble makers in the running industry.

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