Inov8 Road-X Lite 155 Shoe Review

Inov8 Road-X Lite 155: Light, level and super fast. If you haven't noticed it is also very yellow.

There is a ton to like about the Road-X 155 Lite from Inov8.  This is another home run from a company who has put out some great products in the natural running/minimal shoe category over the past few years.  The genius behind this shoe is that if you create an environment where the foot is reasonably protected but not inhibited that your body will become a lot more involved in the running experience.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Wicked lightweight:  In a men’s size 10US this shoe weighs a less than 6 ounces.

Level:  The Road-X 155 features a 3mm drop from heel to toe.  This level feel creates an environment your body is much more adapt to react and respond to.

Generous Toebox:  Your piggies will have room to roam.  There is not a stitch wasted on the upper material and thus creates ample room.  There has never been anything in the racing style category that has this kind of width.

Grippy Sole:  Upon first look the flatness of the sole may raise some questions about the ability to maintain ground contact.  The Inov8 Road-X 155 knocks it out of the park on this one.  The texture of the sole provides great feedback and gives an accurate picture of the road.

Mellow Yellow:  I dare you to put this shoe on and be in a bad mood.  Seriously it is impossible.  You have on a bright yellow shoe that wants to run fast.  The only way to make it look cool is to rock this thing with confidence.

Enjoy the tunes, a little self deprecation and a pretty bad ass shoe.

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