The Next Great Crossfit Shoe: Altra Instinct & Intuition

Who's the king of the crossfit footwear throne?

Picking a great shoe for crossfit is a little like picking a bed.  Not too firm, not too soft and you know when it is just right.  Inov8 is a company we are huge fans of and they have long dominated the crossfit world with their very popular F-Lite series.  The big demand has made the shoes in some instances challenging to come by, and it opened the door for a few new companies to explore the crossfit space.

On the whole crossfitters were looking for a shoe that was light, level and extremely durable.  An option that has become very popular as of late is the Altra Instinct.  The weight and feel of this shoe is very similar to the F-Lite 230, but with a few key differences.  The Altra Instinct has a more generous toe box and is great for those feet that need a little extra room.  The Instinct also features a completely zero drop platform, as there is no difference in the height of the heel and height of the forefoot.  This level environment promotes natural stability and provides a more accurate  picture of the ground than with a shoe that has an elevated heel.  It is this feature in particular that has made this a popular choice for WODs with significant running, overhead squats and body weight squats.

Altra has also created a women’s specific version, rather than traditional unisex sizing in an excellent shoe called The Intuition.  The Intuition is a women’s specific design and is engineered accommodate the differences in the arch and length of the toes for women.Inov8 is not in danger of losing the throne, they just have a little bit of welcome company into the crossfit kingdom.  The Instinct is a great complimentary shoe in any crossfit gear bag.

“So tempt me intro trying something new, I double dog dare you!”.  

You know we dominate FREE SHIPPING all the time and to make getting into a pair Atlras even easier you can ender the code:  ZERODROP10 and save an additional 10%.

About this punk: Patton Gleason is president and founder of and the Flow Running teaching method.  He is a running industry veteran and loves the irony of promoting barefoot running and owning a store that sells shoes.  He lives in McKinney, Texas with his beautiful wife and three children.  He has got a thing for long runs, burpees, pumpkin pie and bluegrass music.  Seriously send him some pie.  


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