Team NRS Athlete – Kristen Dymmel

Team Athlete:  Kristen Dymmel
Here at we get to interact with lots of very cool, very driven and very inspiring people.  Few emulate those qualities better than Kristen Dymmel of Palo Alto, CA.  She is a talented athlete, a terrific mother and pretty amazing woman.  We consider ourselves real lucky to have Kirsten as our first sponsored athlete.-NRS

Tell us a little something about you:
I am a runner, wife and mother of three young future runners.  I started running in high school, but really got hooked in college when I ran my first marathon on a challenge.  Since then I have completed more than 20 marathons and quite a few ultras.  I left a career in law enforcement to start a family and am now the proud mother of two preschool girls and my little man of almost a year.  I balance my running, family, and faith and believe they are all connected.  Each enhances the others.  Fitness is an integral part of living and I want others to experience the incredible joy that comes with being able to run and live your life however you choose.
The role of running in your life:
Running is my sanity, my escape and my passion.  What started as a way to get in shape, became a way to travel and see parts of the world and experience things few people do.  Without intending to be, running has also become a way to inspire others to achieve their goals and believe in themselves.  That might be the most humbling aspect.
Dream running destination: 
Let’s see, if I won the lottery and could go run anywhere, I would get myself to Australia to run the outback.  I’ve not been there, but I did read Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country. Sounds rugged and beautiful, perfect for some trail running.
Best running experience:
 Really my best experiences have been the times out on the trails when I forgot I was running and got lost in the beauty of what was around me.  This has happened a lot, but most often on the trails of Boulder, CO, Marin Headlands and East Bay Hills in California.  The best experience is remembering how incredibly blessed I am to be able to run so freely.
Favorite music:
Country or Christian stations are standard for the car and I am known for torturing my kids by singing along in a loud voice.  For running, I’ve got my Ipod stacked with high cadence hip hop, rock and alternative.
Thing you are most scared to do on your bucket list:
I’ve thought a lot about this one.  I can’t say I really have a bucket list.  I haven’t told anyone before that I would like to do Badwaterone day, but that would probably scare them more than me.
Something that people should know about you but probably don’t:
Most people would never know that I am a total creature of habit.  I eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and often dinner every day.  I run the same route almost every day.  Routine rules my life, but I am also trying to free myself of this.  CrossFit has added a lot of variation to my training and of course kids really challenge me as well.  This is a little known fact that might be good and might be bad…the jury is still out.
What are you training for:
I am focused on improving my running form while training for the Ohlone 50K in May and the Tahoe Rim 50M in July.   I would love to be able to complete my first 100 miler either late this year or next.
To learn more about one of our favorite people on the planet, you can read more about Kristen and her adventures on her blog and follow her on Twitter @iultramom


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