Kigo Contest-Win A FREE Pair of Kigos!

Kigo Naming Contest:  Get Yourself Some KIGOs!


Our friends at Kigo are launching a new line in the coming months and we are so very excited to see what they come up with next.  Kigo is a unique footwear company that makes lightweight, level, stylish eco friendly shoes that can dominate a run just as easily as a pint on the porch.  They are minimalist in the truest sense of the word, without sacrificing quality or eithcs.  We are huge fans of the Kigo footwear line and perhaps even more so the company here at  Our Kigos have been all over the country.  They have ran, hiked, folded into suitcases and done a couple of crossfit wods.  Yes it can do it all and yes we love them.

When we heard they were looking for a new name of their upcoming product, we thought we would lend a creative hand and make a contest out of it.  There is no guarantee they’ll use ours, but we want to submit the best one possible.  The new models are going to have the same great Kigo philosophy with a few great improvements on their current lines.  Here are some of the things you can look for:

  • Completely zero drop last
  • Flexible midsole
  • Wider width and more anatomical fit
  • Averages 4 oz per shoe
  • Adjustable lacing (men’s/unisex) and strap (women’s) systems
You can see a little sneak peek of the from our good friend and and Kigo co-founder Rachelle Kuramoto on their blog, WeGoKigo.  I have also included a few pics below.

The Contest and Fabolous Prizes:

Help us submit a name!  Send in your best suggestions via Facebook comments or in the comment section on this blog, by high noon on Wednesday April 27th.  Naming suggestions will be reviewed and voted upon by the team at and a few other fabulous judges.  The winning submission will be announced on Friday April 29th at high noon via Facebook and Twitter.

The winner will recieve the following:

1)  One pair of Kigo compliments of
2)  One “Debunk Running Dogma” t-shirt
3)  We will declare to all of those who will listen that April 30th “Your Day”.  We’ll announce to the tribe that on this day you are to be celebrated and a pint raised in your name.

Now before you go on and say “I never win anything”, you get something just for entering.  All submissions get a 15% discount and FREE shipping on any Kigo we carry when you enter the coupon code:  KIGOROCKS15

Not a bad haul for being creative and your own awesome self.  Good luck!

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24 Responses to Kigo Contest-Win A FREE Pair of Kigos!

  1. New kigo shoe name BARR or SLIP

  2. Sonia says:


  3. Sara says:


  4. B says:

    With shoes already in existence like air, free, zoom, elite, lunar, Apollo, zoom…. what would make these stand out? They are a minimal shoe with a strong statement. They need a name with a similar history.


    • B says:

      Wikipedia, Nyx: In Greek mythology, Nyx (Νύξ, “night”, Nox in Roman translation) was the primordial goddess of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of personified gods such as Hypnos (sleep) and Thánatos (death). Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty.

      A strong, minimal figure who reaches out to the beginning of time, much like these shoes. They embrace the natural, the beginning.

      • Oh baby, now I am really impressed!

      • dme837 says:

        If you’re going to go with Greek mythology your best bet is to name the shoe in honor of the Greek goddess GAIA. GAIA (or Gaea) was the Protogenos (primeval divinity) of earth, one of the primal elements who first emerged at the dawn of creation, along with air, sea and sky. Since these shoes are made from recycled materials then the concept of Earth is preserved by the name of Gaea. When we run we connect with the earth beneath us and since these shoes are minimalist in nature, there is next to nothing that would get in our way of making that connection.

  5. Roy S. says:

    Kigo Alyü (“All You”)

  6. alfons says:

    kigo e-motion
    or high motion
    or Impuls (impulse)

  7. Alfons says:


  8. Andrew Moore says:

    I know this doesn’t fit with the one syllable approach. But I think Nomad is pretty awesome! And I know I have an affinity for being silly smart alec, but I’m serious this time.

  9. Conquistar (to conquer)

  10. Kigo Feal. Spin on Real materials that help you Feel the ground.


    Kigo M^3 (Mcubed) Taking minimalism to the next level. Sorry the Engineer in me came up with that one. 😉

  11. Luke says:

    Kigo Fuse
    Meaning shoe fuses to foot, foot blends to terrain

  12. the Kigo Variable or Kigo Wire

  13. Thanks for all the entries. The contest is closed. We’ll announce the winner on Friday 4/29 at noon on FB & Twitter. Good luck to all those who entered.

    In the event some one wanted to send some pie to sway a judge, pumpkin pie just might do the trick.

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