Inov8 Footwear-Natural Running & Crossfit Tools

It is not an understatement to say that we just might have a little bit of a shoe crush on our friends at Inov8.  For years this little english company has been making footwear that promoted the genius of human design and natural running.  I’d like to think they were using logic, before logic was cool.  Put something lightweight, flat and super durable on the foot and let the runner do the rest.  What a concept!

At we carry a very specific selection of Inov8s.  Everything we stock has nothing greater than a 6mm drop from heel to toe (the industry standard is somewhere in the 12-15mm range).  While many of the traditional shoe companies are reluctant to release specific metrics about their shoes, Inov8 has been doing so for years.  This transparent approach to educating athletes across the globe has made them a favorite of marathoners, ultra runners, crossfitters and those looking to develop more efficient running technique.

With the release of the upcoming Road-X Line, Inov8 has put together a natural running transition guide.  This is a terrific resource for developing a more natural and efficient running style.  One of my favorite components of this thorough guide is that they have included research to back up their philosophy.  It is this approach that makes running shoes more of a tool than a crutch.  A tool is only as effective as the person using it and a crutch bears all the responsibility.

We love the idea that running technique is an action that can be practiced, perfected and utilized to create the optimal running experience.  There are increasing resources on developing efficient running technique and Inov8 has created one of the best.

At we love the idea that running can and should be fun.  Make it simple, don’t overcomplicate it and do it with a smile.  We’d like to think that Inov8 took the same approach to making shoe.

Now go on, drop what you are doing and go for a run.



About this punk: Patton Gleason is president and founder of and the Flow Running teaching method.  He is a running industry veteran and loves the irony of promoting barefoot running and owning a store that sells shoes.  He lives in McKinney, Texas with his beautiful wife and three children.  He has got a thing for long runs, pumpkin pie and bluegrass music.  Seriously send him some pie.

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