Golden Rules of Running-#8 Naturally Strong

This is the third in a series of ten posts reviewing the Ten Golden Rules of Running post from Blaise Dubois of The Running Clinic.

8. Naturally Strong

Barefoot running or walking as often as possible is an excellent way to solidify muscles and tendons that are responsible for the body’s natural absorption mechanisms. Specific stabilisation, proprioception and strengthening programs are also good ways to prevent injury.

I don’t believe that Blaise is advocating going barefoot all of the time, but I think he is advocating that you let your puppies breathe every once in a while.

This seems like a no brainer.  Your feet are like anything else on your body and can get stronger.  They get stronger as they are subjected to a increasingly bigger workload or training regime.  The stronger they are, the more efficiently they perform.  Your feet are designed to support the rest of your body.  You are not born broken.

That isn’t science, this is anatomy.

If you had a broken arm, a cast would help to stabilize it and it would address some pain issues.  For anyone who has had a cast on for a month knows that two things are true when that thing comes off.  1) Your arm is going to smell awful. 2) Your casted arm is considerably weaker than the arm that wasn’t in a cast.  In some instances the immobility can cause mild atrophy.  At this point your arm will only get stronger if you work it and work to re-develop a full range of motion.

If you have spent a lifetime in shoes (cast) much less overly supportive shoes (super mega cast) then you have some work to do.  Go slow, be smart and listen to your body.  Your body is your best coach, you just have to listen.  You may not be able to reverse a lifetime of the effects of wearing shoes.  But you can halt the damage immediately.

You were born with the perfect tools to be a runner, it’s your job to let them be as great as they can.-Patton

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