Golden Rules of Running-#10 We Are What We Eat/ Body and Mind

The Beatles? Jutin Bieber? Immigration debate? Nope. This standing room only crowd was listening to the panel of the Re-Evolution of Running public discussion. As of the date of this post there were no known incidents of chair throwing or name calling.

As previously posted, I was fortunate enough to attend the New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries conference a few weeks ago in beautiful Shepherdstown, WV.  As the dust is beginning to settle it is becoming more apparent how special it was to be a part of the group.  One of my favorite quotes about the weekend was from a doctor who said “it was like being at the signing of the Declaration of Independence or something.  Truly groundbreaking and unbelievably innovative, a must do experience if you really want to learn about why someone would want to go to a minimalist shoe or barefoot.”  You can see more comments on the course here and terrific review by attendee the editor of, Pete Larson on his excellent running blog.

From the loads of info and materials I got, one of my favorite pieces from Blaise was his Ten Golden Rules.  The premise of the document centers around strategies and methodology to becoming a more efficient injury free runner.  These are great basic tips anyone can use to take control of their running experience.

I am always up for spreading good ideas, as I tend to think they are contagious.

Here’s my attempt to spread the good word.  10 days, 10 rules, 10 posts.

Golden Rule #10 From The New Trends In The Prevention of Running Injuries: We are what we eat/ Body & Mind

We are what we eat…literally!  Quality, variety and balance are the most important words when speaking of an athlete’s diet.  Having fun, maintaining a positive attitude and adopting healthy life habits all directly influence the body and injuries to it.

Fuel for a running revolution!


This is a really simple tip and one that can be a great catalyst to feeling better.  I think most people are more sensitive to the effects of food on our metal states, than we probably realize.

Keep this really simple.  I am by no means an expert on this, but I do know what has worked for me, my family and the athletes I have worked with.

If it is sold in a gas station don’t eat it.  Eat as many dark leafy veggies as possible.  Throw in some nuts.  Try something that your hippie cousin has been talking about for years (except that one thing).  If you are gonna eat meat, make sure you know what is in it and where it came from.

Now go dominate your day.


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