Fight The Resistance

One of my favorite things about running is the constant lessons it teaches us about life.  Some of these can be very apparent and some passively weave their way into our psyche.  A long run, with no head phones seems to open this door even more.

A favorite book of mine is Linchpin by Seth Godin.  I read the following passage and connected it to running.

“We don’t have a talent shortage, we have a shipping shortage.  Anyone who makes the choice to overcome the resistance and has the insight to make the right map can become a successful linchpin.”

There is no shortage of potential runners.  What we do have is an abundance of people who have succumb to excuses, obstacles and a force referred to as “the resistance”.

The resistance is what keeps you mediocre.  The resistance is what keeps you from running for the first time in years because you don’t want to be bad at it.  The resistance is what fizzles out evening motivation for an early morning run when the alarm clock goes off.  The resistance is that voice that says you can never be a more efficient, happy and accomplished runner.

“Pugna Resistencia” – Fight The Resistance

The key for an athlete to take control of their running experience is to not avoid the resistance, but to acknowledge it and deal with it promptly.  No distraction, no delay, no excuses.

The resistance is temporary.  Every time you step to the challenge, the resistance gets easier to fight.  As the resistance becomes less you don’t have to try so hard.  Your effort is still there, but that undeniable force pushing against us is forced to step away.

The resistance is what can keep you in the status quo.  RUNNING IS TOO BEAUTIFUL OF AN ACTION FOR IT TO FEEL AVERAGE  OR WORSE YET A CHORE.  Being confident you can deal with the resistance will put you in greater control of your running destiny.

Have a tip for fighting the resistance?  Don’t hold back, share you knowledge and experience.  If you have a strategy that worked for you, chances are pretty good it can be a great tool for some one else.


About Patton Gleason: He is president and founder of and the Flow Running teaching method.  He is a running industry veteran and loves the irony of promoting barefoot running and owning a store that sells shoes.  He lives in McKinney, Texas with his beautiful wife and three children.  He has got a thing for long runs, burpees, pumpkin pie and bluegrass music.  Seriously send him some pie.

About  We put a premium on running form and technique.  We carry shoes that promote what the body is designed to do.  We are trouble makers in the running industry.  We might have a Twitter problem.


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Inov8 Bare-X Lite 150: Running, Triathlon & Crossfit Minimalism in One Awesome Package

Lets design a shoe that would be perfect for highly efficient triathletes, runners looking to perfect their form and crossfitters who don’t want to waste an ounce.  Normally this would be an endeavor that would provide nearly impossible circumstances for a designer.  But they must be drinking something special at Inov8 because the Bare-X Lite 150 is a bold step in the right direction…a very light step.

"Well hello there, it looks like you have lost some weight."

This shoe features a completely level sole with about 3mm of thickness.  One of our favorite features in this 5.3 ounce package is the triathlon ready quick lacing system and slip on loops.  There may be others, but this could be the first completely zero drop triathlon shoe.

"I am not just saying this, but you look like you could float right off of the table."

And if you didn’t have enough incentive to work on getting your feet off of the ground more efficiently, the sole has bones on it.  If it wasn’t enough to blow by some body at the end of the race with your nearly perfect running form, this may be all the incentive you need.

"Make no bones about it, your running form is really coming along."

This shoe will debut in early fall (Aug/Sept) of 2011 with a red and white color scheme.  The spring will feature an orange, blue, lime green (this one looks cool, seriously) and pink.  More great shoes in the Inov8 family.  Be sure to drop us a line at to get the latest info on pre-orders and top secret release dates for the NRS Tribe!

About  We put a premium on running form and technique.  We carry shoes that promote what the body is designed to do.  We are trouble makers in the running industry.  We might have a Twitter problem.

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Inov8 Bare-XF 210: A Zero Drop Crossfit Shoe

Zero drop crossfit awesomeness

Consider this a peek under the Inov8 komono.  We got a preview of what we believe will rise to the top of the crossfit shoe pyramid.  It is a sharp looking shoe with some great features that crossfitters will love.  This shoe will be available in early spring 2012.

This is a shoe that promotes what the body does very well.  Inov8 took the strategy of promoting the body’s natural abilities.  The XF-210 features a 3mm, completely zero drop sole.  This provides excellent communication with the ground and creates and environment your body is designed to handle.

The Inov8 Bare-XF 210 Crossfit Shoe. Well this was the second name. The first one "WOD Dominator" got shut down by the marketing department.

One of the other very cool features is a reinforced upper.  If the rope climb or double unders has trashed your other shoes, then you are going to love this thing.

This will be another high demand shoe from Inov8.  To stay update on the latest Inov8 news and pre-order opportunities, drop us a line at  Sweet dreams.

About  We put a premium on running form and technique.  We carry shoes that promote what the body is designed to do.  We are trouble makers in the running industry.  We might have a Twitter problem.

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Altra Intuition For Crossfit

This guest post come from Robin Bennet of Cross Fit Kings Point in Orlando, FL. Self described “newly obsessed” crossfitter, she has been rocking the Altra Intuition and was kind enough to provide her feedback.

Every CrossFitter knows a good pair of shoes can make a difference in your wod.  Great shoes will help stick your box jumps, keep you planted during lifting, and help push through your sprints.  Besides the usual crossfitting shoe everyone seems to have, we don’t have many options for our extreme sport of choice.  This is where Altras come in.

Altras are a new shoe that allows for another choice of wod footwear.  Altras are a true zero drop shoe, yes ZERO drop, and are fit for a CrossFitter’s feet.  Trying to hit a new weightlifting PR?  Altras are constructed to keep our feet truly naturally planted.  Along with a true zero drop, they allow room for your toes to spread out, which gives better balance during heavy lifts.  Better balance also translates to squats, box jumps, and those beloved burpees!  The light weight of the shoe allows for quick and easy response time, which will make a difference in those AMRAP wods.

Change is hard, but crossfit is even harder.  We crossfit because of its ability to push us and make us stronger and now Altras are here to help take you there.

Find out more about Altra and other great crossfit shoes at

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Inov8 Bare-Grip 200 Review: Total Trail Domination

The following review comes from Team NRS athlete and perpetual dreamer, Mr. Dave Carder.  Dave is dominating the Teton Valley this summer.  We are so proud and a little jealous.

My evolution as a runner over the last few years has come in many forms.  Evolution of my body, mind, and spirit.  At 41, ultrarunning and trail running have put me in the best shape of my life.  But, this is not a post about all the Zen and peace running has brought to my life.  This one is all about one badass trail shoe!

Back in April I was presented an opportunity to move to Idaho to work and play in the Teton Mountains with my friend and world-class ultrarunner and human condition warrior, Lisa Smith-Batchen.  The universe conspired to give me what I wanted yet again.  So within 4 days, I condensed everything I needed for the next 5 months plus into 2 duffel bags, a back pack, and shipped my bike to Idaho.

Lisa and Sister Mary Beth.  Talk about dominating dedication to a cause.
This is where my fellow anti-perimeter thinker Patton Gleason at comes in.  I could extol on the greatness that is Patton for the next several thousand words.  If you have had the good fortune to meet Patton you know what I am talking about.  If not, check out all the joy and goodness about running and life he shares on his website and HERE as well.  Patton just gets it.


Allow me to introduce to you the Inov8 Bare-Grip 200.  This shoe had me at hello.  Everything about it screams trail and domination.  This shoe came into my consciousness at the most fortuitous moment as I was packing for this Grand Teton adventure.  I wanted, no desperately NEEDED, a trail shoe that was up to the test that I was going to take on in the mountains.

Let’s start with the lugging.  The pattern and depth remind me of a baseball shoe at first glance.  It may be 102 in Texas right now, but at 6,200 ft in the Teton Valley we had snow on the ground just a few days ago.  Most of the trails at 9,000-10,000 feet elevation are still packed with feet and feet of snow.  Lower sections are muddy and running streams of snow melt coming down the mountain.  Most trail shoes do not sport the aggressive lugging of this bad boy AND they tend to retain mud to the point that you feel as if you are running in moon boots minus the zero gravity(quite the opposite actually).

From my first steps on the snow-pack, I had complete confidence in every step going up the trail.  Who needs crampons with these strapped on?  Fast descents on packed snow were a blast in this shoe.  I could take all the speed the mountain would allow me.  The real fun began when I hit the muddy sections and mountain streams.  This shoe shreds and sheds mud almost simultaneously.  Not once did I end up with clumpy chunks of mushy mud mired in the crevices of this shoe.

This shoe is a complete and total ZERO.  As in zero-drop platform that is.  My inner-Sasquatch loves how in touch with the ground my feet feel in this shoe.  Rocky trail.  Muddy trail.  Snow-packed trail.  Rushing stream trail.  On all these surface conditions I always felt like the shoe was giving me just enough protection, but allowing me to take in all the sensory feedback of every nuance of the ground (and water!) below me.

This shoe makes you want to seek out water and mud!

Let’s talk uppers for a moment.  The overall fit and feel of this shoe is delicious.  Yes, I used the word delicious to describe how a trail shoe fits.  Try it and tell me I am wrong.  With very few inner seams, I have taken to running in this shoe completely naked.  Barefoot to be more specific, not bare-ass.  Although I have done that a time or two as well.  (Google “supernatural” running.  Try it you’ll like it.)  This shoe also evacuates water extremely well.  Within a step or so after a water crossing all the H2O is adios!


As Inov8’s most minimal trail shoe to-date, this baby has no midsole whatsoever.  This puts your foot right on top of the outsole and gives you that gnarly, flexible feel.  This performs well in drier conditions as well.  Loose and/or soft terrain is its sweet spot.  This shoe would be bit of overkill in hard-packed, sun-baked dirt though.

9 out of 10 feet at Grumpy's Goat Shack approve this shoe

The final verdict:  If you are looking for a no-holds-barred trail shoe that will allow you to let it all hang out and take dominance to a new level, look no further.  Stay thirsty my friends.

About Dave:  Dave is an ultra runner, coach and a dominator of the highest order.  You can follow his adventures and insights on his terrific running blog “Words My Thing“.  You’ll find insight, inspiration and the occasional shoe review.  If you are in the Teton Valley, make sure to say hello.

About  We put a premium on running form and technique.  We carry shoes that promote what the body is designed to do.  We are trouble makers in the running industry.
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Inov8 F-Lite 230 Review From An Ultra Mom

Team NRS athlete Kristen Dymmel at the Trail Quake Half Marathon. Nice result and wicked nice shirt!

The following review is by Team NRS athlete Kristen Dymmel.  She is fast, fun and a pretty damn good woman.  We are psyched to call her one of our own.

As a CrossFitter and runner, I initially purchased the Inov8 F-Lite 230s hopping I would be able to fit them into either of these domains.  I was hesitant to insert them into my running after having spent the past twenty years in very supportive shoes, so I decided to test them out at the CrossFit box.

After only one WOD I was sold.  My foot felt secure, the traction was incredible and I felt more strength on my lifts from the close ground-contact.  The best part was being able to do the running portions of the WODs with no leg issues or injuries.
After several weeks of using them for this purpose, and well, wearing them every day because they looked so incredibly cool, I decided it was time to make the transition in my running.  I started after a race during my recovery period when I was doing minimal miles.  Amazingly, after several of these short (2-3 mile) runs, I was not experiencing any pains at all in my legs.

Having read all the warnings of transitioning to minimal shoes, I had been quite nervous.  Quite the opposite, the runs felt easy and I felt more in touch with the land as I focused on my form.  These shoes actually help you achieve better form, evidenced by a recent race photo in which I was no longer heel striking at all.
I really don’t know if I have ever owned a shoe that I could use for my 6 mile run, workout at the gym and out for dinner.  They look great and perform exceptionally.

About Kristen:  You can try to catch her on the trails of northern California.  You’ll probably have better luck following her on Twitter and on her fantastic blog iUltraMom.

About  We put a premium on running form and technique.  We carry shoes that promote what the body is designed to do.  We are trouble makers in the running industry.

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Debunking Running Dogma; Cracks In The Foundation

Let’s be honest.  While you are at work, you are thinking about running.  You know it and I know it.  Do not kid yourself.  It may be even worse if have entered the natural running paradigm, because now you get to think about running form and technique.

There are so many brilliant aspects to the natural running movement, but perhaps none more important than how you move and more importantly how you are designed to move.  Regardless of whether you are barefoot, in minimalist shoes or big clunky shoes how you move is of the utmost importance.  If you have bad form (which we’ll define in a later post) it doesn’t matter what if anything you have on your feet.

This conversation picked up some very big momentum over the past week.  I wanted to share a few of the best conversations going on.  The information and passion is definitely worth the read.  Enjoy.

Asics Have Really Dug In Their Heels:  This is over on Bill Katovsky’s terrific running site  This was a some what spirited debate about the role of shoes, the impact of an elevated heel and using data as a weapon.  The comments section is where the magic is.  This was the article that really kicked things off over the past week.

ASICS versus Zero Drop, Maximalist versus Minimalist:  If Pete Larson isn’t your sinsei and his site Runblogger.comisn’t on your list of daily check-ins, then it should be.  This post came as a response from Pete (who is professor) to Simon Bartold (researcher of Asics) who had some issues with running data.  Again it is well worth the read.  My hope is that a footwear companies will become much more data oriented and make these kinds of things available to their customers.

The Barefoot Running Debate:  Born to Run, Shoes & Injury:  The Latest Thinking;  This is another very comprehensive post by South Africans Ross Tucker, Ph.D & Jonathan Dugas, Ph.D. on the excellent site  The genius of this piece and having it come from an unbiased researcher is the very practical approach they discuss the data.  Again, the article is worth reading and the comments section is just as enlightening.

The Science of Barefoot Running:  Even the “Old Grey Lady” has come into the fray with a good, but not complete (especially when compared to the above references) article on barefoot running.  The thing I took away from this is that technique is still king.  It almost doesn’t matter what you do or do not have on your feet.  If your running technique is not efficient,  it can be a tough issue to buy your way out of.

These are great resources to educate yourself and become a more empowered athlete and an consumer.  Educate yourself, watch out for good marketing campaigns and question everything.



About this punk: Patton Gleason is president and founder of and the Flow Running teaching method.  He is a running industry veteran and loves the irony of promoting barefoot running and owning a store that sells shoes.  He lives in McKinney, Texas with his beautiful wife and three children.  He has got a thing for long runs, burpees, pumpkin pie and bluegrass music.  Seriously send him some pie.  

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